We offer to your attention connecting couplings of the world's leading manufacturers

Couplings are used in many machines and mechanisms, they are responsible nodes, the level and nature of the load on machine parts may depend on their correct choice.

The drive clutch performs the following functions:

* compensation of small installation deviations;
* disconnection or lengthening of shafts;
* semi-automatic management;
* stepless adjustment of the transmission ratio;
* protection of mechanisms from critical loads.

The use of a clutch allows you to reduce shock loads on the drive and thereby extend its service life. In some cases (for example, a crushing plant, a heavy mixer), the use of an elastic coupling allows you to reduce the reserve factor by 5 - 10%, and the use of a hydraulic coupling in the drive of a heavy mixer by 20 - 30%, which allows you to reduce the required engine power.

Moment transmission in the coupling can be carried out by a mechanical connection between the parts, performed in the form of fixed connections or kinematic pairs (geometric locking); due to the forces of friction or magnetic attraction (power shorting); inertial forces or induction interaction of electromagnetic fields (dynamic shorting).

According to the nature of the work and the…

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